Braun Ultrasonic Brush


Cavitation is the process of using sound waves to create thousands of micro-bubbles that rapidly collapse in water. The motion of the bubbles clean very effectively, thus cavitation cleaning is commonly used in commercial dish washing and medical instrument sterilization. I wanted to bring this technology into a hand held home tool.
Pain Points

Current brushes and sponges fall short in important areas. They collect and spread germs and most are eyesores in a kitchen. Both require immense effort for hard stains and promote the overuse of water. Most have short lifespans or are disposable. An efficient system is integrated to lower the mental load on the user, current brushes are entirely disconnected from the faucet. 

The power of cavitation, to clean dishes more thoroughly with less effort, embodied in a timeless form that belongs on any kitchen counter top.  Promoting time and water efficiency by creating an integrated cleaning tool.
Three New Ways to Clean

Cavitation cleaning reinvents the way you clean. No more tiresome scrubbing, ultrasonic waves clean your dishes from a distance and do all the work for you. The Ultrasonic Brush offers three cleaning methods. 
Point & Clean 
Point the face of the brush at the dish while soapy water runs over. Quick individual cleaning.
Deep Stain 
Fill the dish with soapy water and simply set the Ultrasonic Brush face down. No work required to remove stuck on grime.
Big Batch
Fill the sink with soapy water and dishes, submerge the brush and enjoy yourself while tonight's dinner mess is resolved.
Smart Handles

Bluetooth connected actuated handles let the brush intelligently control the water, automatically turning the stream off when the brush senses it isn't cleaning anything and allowing the user to turn the water on or off with their thumb, streamlining the cleaning process. The Ultrasonic Brush works with or without the Smart Handle integration.
Fluid Geometry

Following their fluid-geometric style, I designed this product to belong beside the Braun Kitchen family. Clean lines and color create a brush deserving of your counter top space. 

Ultrasonic Brush comes in 3 colors & finishes to fit any kitchen: 
Matte Gray,  Satin Jade,  Gloss Black
Thank you.

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