Choosing Between Good Ideas
Visualizing The User Perspective
Using Vincent McCurley's VR Storyboarding technique we were able to visualize the user experience in relation to the common immediate field of view within the headset.
First Look at Developing a Full 3D Experience

Our 3-dimensional model allowed us to view the pins in a three dimensional manner and understand what pins would look like when viewed at varying angles. It also helped us to consider some important gestures to integrate into the user experience.

Picking An Experience
Filtering Pins

Our name, Meosphere (me-oh-sphere) reflects the application's emphasis on you, the user. The application is less about who published what experience and more about what experiences you can view, and what places you can discover. The "-sphere" portion of the name reflects the ability of the user to view the world both within and outside of Earth's atmosphere. 
Meo, an animated ring acts as a personal assistant giving audible and written control of what pins you'd like to see. Use Meo like a traditional lens filter, and see what experiences are being made by friends, and at specific locations. 
Pins are filtered by popularity by default but through use of Meo, you can find 360 experiences, stick your head in for a small preview, then select and travel to the 360 scene.
Watch as Meo, your personal assistant, follows you through your journey to assist with new inquiries, filters and interactions.
Looking in on someone's experience, from their perspective
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